About Us

Thank you for supporting our work, and bringing awareness to the need for truth & justice in America. 


Elisabeth Founder of Super Progressives

I was a Progressive in my 20s but strayed from my idealistic roots for over a decade to avoid "wasting my vote" on a candidate looking to disrupt the status quo. That was then and this is NOW. 

Super Progressives was born in 2019 in reaction to passionately coming back to my Progressive roots. I left behind the mainstream candidates and media. I sought answers through the independent media and began supporting candidates who aggressively pursue change. 

Day to day I manage the Super Progressives store. Thank you for joining us! Reach out to me with any questions. superprogressives@gmail.com


Natti Shiner Lead Singer of Fickle Friends & Artist of Super Progressives

Super Progressives Artist and Lead Singer of a British Pop Band. Natti is a multi-talented artist who is passionate about living and promoting a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle.